Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Noobie trap in Unity. (Or "How time flies". Or "Time.deltaTime")

So i wanted to make a small timer in the upper left corner of my small game.
Extremely easy; you just have a variable storing float values and add Time.deltaTime on every frame to it (deltaTime is the time it takes to render a frame.)
Thing is, if you are using something other than "1" in time scale or playing with timeScale to do some slow motion effects, your timer will get out of sync with the real time that has passed. If the timer is to trigger an event in game to happen, no biggie.
If it's for stage scoring or leaderboards though, then the timer needs to be in sync.
So just take into account timeScale. Just divide Time.deltaTime by timeScale to always keep the timer counting in the same speed. (i.e. real speed, the same speed that a wall clock does).


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