Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Know your self. - VR app idea.

We know our selves by what others say about us mostly. What you are able to see immediately are your hands and feet. Even your face, you are seeing that flipped over if you see it through a mirror, and photos don't convey much about your physicality most of the time because you can't see your self walking; you can't understand your own stride.

We could use tech that's readily available today though to sort of fix that. With the use of a 3D depth camera we can both capture our bodies and even animate them with motion capture. And i'm not talking about the expensive motion capture used in movies. We can use a €200 depth camera along with a €80-€100 3D tracking application. For the mesh we can use one of various free depth-to-3D software with said scanner, or use photogrametry. (You take a crapload of photos of your subject in a sphere arrangement, only looking inwards instead of away from the center of the sphere, then feed the photos to a software that will generate the 3D object along with the right colors.)

Then wear your VR helmet and walk side by side with your self, or stand back and actually watch how you move about . Of course you'll need to know how to use a game engine like Unity or Unreal, but heck, everything is there. All the tools needed are readily available.

"Why don't you do it then?"
I would, but i'm in the middle of something else. Shouldn't take more than a month even if things go south at some point :P. Any takers? A uni or something?