Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Forest - New design - iphone case cover and T-shirt

Time for another shameless promotion i guess :P
(Images are links to the store.)

The designs are available as wall prints, iPhone/Samsung Galaxy phone cases, T-shirts (the first one), mugs, pillows, notepads, hardcover journals...


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Landscape VS portrait. (a.k.a.Rant about phones and their sensors)

Lots of people are holding the phone in portrait orientation (standing upright) when taking a video or a photo, and lots more are telling them to hold it "the right way" so that the photo or video will come out in landscape.
But what is the right way for holding it? I mean, it is a phone. It was made to be comfortably held in portrait in the first place. Whenever i turn mine in landscape my pinky will either hang infront of the sensor, or the moment i press the button to take the picture i'll shake the phone a bit.
But if i hold in as its shape dictates and commit a sin against photography, it's more comfortable.

So I either end up taking the picture in portrait thinking ahead of time to leave enough space to crop it later into landscape mode, or just take it into a square.

My question though is to the manufacturers. Why not mount the damn sensor 90 degrees tilted so that the phone will take landscape photos and videos while i'm holding it like its shape dictates?
Actual cameras are easy to hold in landscape or portrait because they take that into account in their shape. (Most of the time...)