Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2nd Maya/Unity quicky. (animating object with multiple individual meshes)

Have you tried to put your animated FBX from Maya and it would just go to 0,0,0 when you pressed play? (If you don't freeze the model before you export it, do so. Freeze it at 0,0,0 to save some extra trouble later on)

The reason for that is that most probably you have nested the meshes under a parent mesh in the Outliner panel and then on top, you've added keyframes to that parent. At least that was my problem when throwing it in Unity.
What you should do instead is select your meshes, group them, and then go in and add your keyframes and blend shapes. Export and your combined object won't crap itself in Unity.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The strange animal called "photographer" and it's environment.

I've been meaning to post something like this for some time now but (being me), I would either forget about it or postpone it until "tomorrow".

Sometimes people wonder about what they can do when others are giving them angry stares or even chased away from places while trying to take photos. It's been said a lot of times by many, I didn't discover the solution to this but it does really work. It has to do with how one behaves at each location. Basically you get back what you show. By that I mean that if you are fidgety and anxious, people will look at you funny because if you weren't doing something shady, why would you be anxious?

If you go in a public place, don't just go there with your camera up in your face aiming it at people. Warm up to them first. Don't go there rushing either, make room in your day for two to three hours and go to the place you thought that there would be some nice picture opportunities and take some time to just show people that you are there with a camera, let them warm up to the idea that there's someone with a camera and might take their picture. Don't walk around with the camera in your hands ready or have it hanged around your neck like a tourist. I won't be forcing anyone on how to wear their camera, I just found it really easier and out of my way if I have the camera slung across my left shoulder coming down to my right side. I can just pull it in front of me like those movies with the marines drawing their guns :P. Just as fast and out of the way as well.

In malls or other privately owned places it's important to ask for permission and to make people realize that you just want to take some pictures and isn't stalking people. Don't shove your lens in people's faces or sharply pop up to take photos of kids... Having a couple of business cards with you is a also a nice idea in case someone wants to throw you out while you still need to stay as it helps even further in making people realize that you aren't up to something no good. Who would give out their details if they wanted to cause trouble? (I know Joker would, but if you are The Joker and want to take pics while you are on the job all the more power to you. Send a couple pics over.)

If you notice someone that glares at you for taking pictures just breath in, go over there and ask them if they would like to see the photos you took.

So, stay calm; don't rush it; be relaxed and don't forget to smile in a non threatening way :P. (It helps)