Tuesday, July 4, 2017

6D Mark II thoughts.

My camera feels as if it's on its last ... clicks. So i was expecting to see how the new 6D Mark II would be when it came out. And it does look like a decent camera... except for the Auto focus system. Don't care about the 4K video not being a feature. Or that it doesn't have a CF slot or a headphone jack. That's for the upper class models.
But GOD DAMMIT Canon! Screwing up the AF system? The thing that allows us to focus when taking photos?

The autofocus system is supposed to be related to the one from the 80D model. But that camera is an APS-C, meaning it has a smaller sensor. If you take that system and put it on a full frame camera then half the sensor won't be covered, and since the autofocus points are in the center, that means that the sensor's edges aren't covered.

That isn't a big deal in every day shooting where you'll just aim with the center point and snap, but if you want to compose a moving subject to be at the edge then it will make it really hard.
This is compromising a dSLR camera's main job. To focus and compose a scene.